The consolidation of the two most important Greek companies being actively involved - for decades - in the field of special transportation and lifting, results in the creation of a special business dynamics, which expands beyond the national frontier. Their involvement in the Greece's major developmental projects have been a catalyst in the optimisation of the offered services, through its know-how and its technical infrastructure required for the implementation of some of the world's most avant-garde and impressive projects. Alysandratos S.A. , for example, has taken over the overland transportation of the Calatrava Roof, which in total weighted 9,000 tons. Beyond its essential help in all of the Olympic projects, it has been the HOCHTIEF AG's principal contractor for the complete lifting of the International Airport of Athens "Eleutherios Venizelos".

Furthermore, the two companies' pre-eminence regarding their quality and secure provision of services in the fields of special transportations and lifting shows in the numbers and the specialization degree:
The ALYSANDRATOS' know-how infrastructure makes the company an indispensable associate - amongst other things - on the machines' disassemblies and assemblies regarding the transportation of large industrial units (we mention, for instance, the companies - clients TITAN, HELLENIC PETROLEUM and the refineries). At the same time, the company carries out over 60% of the special transportations connected to the Wind Power Park facilities.

With the consolidation of the two companies, we have for the first time in the national business scene, the possibility of the COMPLETE UNDERTAKING OF WIND POWER PROJECTS.

During the past years, because of the growth of soft forms of energy in Greece (Wind Farms), our company has become expert while transporting and placing Wind Generators in most Wind Farms of Energy.

Our company collaborates closely with Greek and foreign mechanical and constructional companies, so that every stage of transport and lifting process, which is coordinated and checked with the most advanced means of communication and information technology, is analyzed and studied. Special drawn programs ensure all the requirements of work, in order to be executed according to the specifications and the timetable that is required.

Our reliable, long-lasting presence in the field of transport and elevations can guarantee you the best results in any need of yours, relative with special transport and elevation of groups.